Thailand to treat after Philip Morris wins tobacco event

Published on August 29th, 2013 00:00

The Thai government plans to treat a court winning by tobacco giant Philip Morris to maintain larger health prevention off cigarette packets for sale them in Thailand. The Central Administrative Court lined to temporarily stay a new Health Ministry regulation demanding tobacco warning labels to embrace 90% of the visibility of the package, up from 55% from the moment.

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"We have debate with legal experts and health minister, and we will store an appeal to the Supreme Administrative court in the next week," Nopporn Cheanklin, director of the Health Ministy's Disease Control Department, told Reuters. The Thai unit of Philip Morris International Inc recorded claim vs the Public Health Ministry on June 26 that informed the Administrative Court to repeal the regulation, which would have taken effect on October 2. The Thai Tobacco Trade Association, which represents more than 1,500 retailers through all the nations, also registered the same case, affirmed that the ministry's regulation was "unconstitutional"

The Administrative Court's suspension will take the effect until the court comes up with the verdict till the end. About 60,000 people suffer from smoking each year in Thailand, according to the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance. It was mentioned that nearly 13 million of people are smokers, including 2 millions of minors. Onanong pratakphiriya , spokeswoman of Philip Morris, affirmed in a statement that Ministry of Health abortive to control related batches in the tobacco industry before imposing some new regulation.

"We have clear to the court that regulation was not in conformity with legal process and was not used because Thailand already has high knowledge about the smoking risk on health, the statement affirmed." Philip Morris, the Marlboro and L&M distributor of cigarettes, has a 30% share of cigarettes in Thailand.