All available Tobacco Infos for 2013, by months:

Professors get tobacco grant
Published on September 25th, 2013 00:00

Two professors were rewarded with about $40 million for creation of projects at the Comprehensive Cancer Center.The National Institute of Health led the new Tobacco centers of Regulatory Science toge ... read more »

The best tobacco for immediate shopping
Published on September 19th, 2013 00:00

The tobacco industry is declining sales but still provides employment climate. This is addressed in special to investors who are bereaving for efficiency. This was becoming by Marlboro maker Altria af ... read more »

Research heel call for state regulation of the tobacco
Published on September 12th, 2013 00:00

Studies made by Dr. Robert Branston, director of the school of Management Center, has urge Irish health welfare to call for a new unknown system to regulate the State of the Tobacco Industry.Dr Bran ... read more »

Thailand to treat after Philip Morris wins tobacco event
Published on August 29th, 2013 00:00

The Thai government plans to treat a court winning by tobacco giant Philip Morris to maintain larger health prevention off cigarette packets for sale them in Thailand.The Central Administrative Court ... read more »

Is making great strides to increase Marlboro sales
Published on August 21st, 2013 00:00

The Altria Group Inc., maker of the popular Marlboro brand, said on Thursday they had experienced a 3% increase in profits in the second quarter. This was mainly due to higher prices and lower cost ca ... read more »

Cigarette cost rises in UK due to tobacco companies
Published on August 13th, 2013 00:00

Smokers bother about the rising price of cigarettes; the rising should fault Big Tobacco Companies as well as recent duty increase, according to some studies at the University of Bath.Between 2005 a ... read more »

Altria Reveals and Cigarette-Making Industry
Published on August 6th, 2013 00:00

Altria showed second-quarter results. In the results was mentioned that Altria's revenue decreased with 4%, the company was capable to lead the earnings expansion of 7% due to an opposition of strong ... read more »

E-cigarettes –the century of e-cigs smoking
Published on July 23rd, 2013 00:00

Smoking is now moving around the world to a new trend as e-smoking with e-cigarettes, as an replacement to cigarettes that are less addictive. E-cigarettes known as electronic cigarettes are increas ... read more »

Good prospects as the season of tobacco starts
Published on July 17th, 2013 00:00

TOBACCO buying season in Morogoro region looks promising with sales goals 29.93 million kilograms of flue Cured Virginia (FCV) tobacco and 1,040,000 kg for Dark Fire-cured tobacco (DFC).According to ... read more »

Philip Morris and cigarette prices rise
Published on July 9th, 2013 00:00

Analysis report of the Consumer Goods sector, Philip Morris International and Lorillard, remained in the news, due to their last news and both cigarettes industries were showing the momentum during th ... read more »