Frequently Asked Questions

Are the cigarettes you sell the same and high quality that I can buy in my local tobacco store?

At we offer only cigarettes with special flavor of the tobacco of the best quality made by various European tobacco-companies. Our smoking products are genuine and very affordable. All the products on our online store are bought directly from the manufacturers, and are, therefore, of the highest quality. All cigarette packs and cartons are completely marked and labeled by the corresponding tobacco companies.

Order and try the best taste of tobacco!

How to place an order online?

To order online is very easy. Firstly you should find your favorite smoking brand, using the Brands column from the up side of the web-site. Then you have to select the brand name and the amount of cigarettes you wish to purchase. When you click “Buy Now” you are automatically sent to the “Shopping Cart” page. When you chose the favorite cigarette, please click on “Confirm Order” button. After these all steps you will see the Shipping Information form which you need to complete and then add the credit card information. At the very moment that you finished you will receive a Confirmation Letter on your e-mail. After a short time you will receive also another letter which will let you know that your order was successfully shipped.

Please note that the orders are usually delivered within 14- 30 days since the shipping date.

Do you accept orders by phone or fax?

Orders by phone or fax are not available currently. You can place a new order only online by using our web site.

Is there a minimum or maximum order?

The amount of cigarettes that can be bought at is left to the caution of clients who must be informed about the legislation in force in their state and the permissions they may bear.

Only for the new customers the maximum quantity of cigarettes is not more than 6 cartons.

How can I find out my order status?

After you placed a new order at you will receive a confirmation by e-mail which will inform you that your order was accepted and the status “Authorized”. Via e-mail you will receive the Shipping confirmation too. For more information about your order or shipment status, please contact our

What shipping method do you use?

We ship orders via ordinary Airmail and we don’t provide the clients with the tracking numbers. A signature is not required upon delivery.

How is the order been packed?

We usually ship the customers’ orders by 1-3 cartons per package, because this amount is legal in their country - USA or some countries from Europe ( Spain, Portugal and Sweden).

Will I receive a refund or have my order replaced if the parcel is lost, stolen or damaged?

If for any reason the packages did not arrive we always issue a refund or reship the missing cartons. Please note that refunds will be issued when a customer did not receive their order and chooses a refund instead of reshipment or replacement.

Our Company guarantees 100% money back or resending of your cigarettes in case of non- received.