Wind Cigarettes

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Wind Flavor

price per carton: $16.35 $13.08

Tar volume: 12.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 0.8 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Wind brand is produced by "International Tobacco" SRL; this company is a new one and the cigarettes that it produced like: Ritm, Perfect, Focus and many others are well known.

little cigars

International Tobacco is working with best equipment that is imported from Germany and Great Britain.

Wind cigarettes are made from best quality tobacco brought from different sides of European Countries.

Wind cigarettes are really good because they are soft, unreal and incomparable taste. The cigarettes tobacco is high quality because the best tobacco gathered on the rich plantation from Burgaria, Greece and Slovenia.

Wind package is a simple pack in blue colors that symbolize affection, tenderness and softness. The blue color contributes to mental and physical relaxation creating an atmosphere of trust, confidence and security. Blue color is associated with something pure and fresh reflecting the brand name. Design of these cigarettes is created and specialized for creative people.

Wind cigarettes will offer you harmony, confidence in your power and you'll feel relaxed.

Wind cigarettes package contains: tar – 12, 0 mg nicotine – 0, 8 mg

All tobacco products sold by International Tobacco correspond to high quality standards set by International Organization. The tobacco manufacture doesn't economize the ingredients for tobacco manufacture.

If you want a cup of relaxation- Wind cigarettes will offer you!