Rich Cigarettes

rich apple cigarettes

Rich Apple

price per carton: $19.46 $15.57

Tar volume: 8.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 0.7 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

rich rum cherry

Rich Rum&Cherry

price per carton: $20.41 $16.33

Tar volume: 8.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 0.7 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Rich cigarettes are one of the best cigarette brands on the national and international tobacco markets. Cigarettes are made under control of Sheen Road, Richmond Tobacco, Richmond Tobacco Co and Grate Britain, all these representing British-Russian holdings. This company has been working on the Russian tobacco market more than 15 years and become one of the best players in the tobacco industry.

little cigars

The package of cigarettes is black with brown color. The design of cigarettes and pack are mysterious and make everybody interested in them. The cigarettes color is brown having a filter. They are easily smoking cigarettes because of pleasant taste and cigarettes aroma. Many smokers recognize cigarettes pleasant taste and cigarettes qualitative tobacco.

Rich Cigarettes characteristics:

• Tar volume – 8,0 mg;

• Nicotine volume – 0,7 mg;

• 1 carton = 10 packs = 200 cigarettes ;

Rich Cigarettes are made in two varieties:

1. Rich Apple Cigarettes – are made using 22 types of best Syrian and Turkish tobacco;

2. Rich Rum&Cherry Cigarettes – are made using 23 types' f tobacco, the big part consisting of Cavendish, Burley and Virginia tobacco.

Both types of cigarettes are making smoker to feel rich as inside so outside, as this extraordinary smoke inhalation make you feel happy and realized from all points of view. There is also Rich Grape cigarettes but you can find them only in tobacco shops, there are little smokers who prefer this type of Rich cigarettes because their smell and taste don't feel so much as of Rich Apple and Rich Rum&Cherry Cigarettes.

If you'll try to buy these cigarettes you'll see that is very comfortable because you save your money and time that are very precious in our time. If you'll smoke Rich cigarettes you'll find that you'll become day by day richer and richer and not so much financial as spiritual. So don't hesitate and choose the cigarettes that will represent you!