Orbita Cigarettes

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price per carton: $12.76 $10.21

Tar volume: 16.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 1.3 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Orbita is a popular tobacco brand from Western Europe that produce high quality tobacco product, introduced and sold in different tobacco shops as online so real. These cigarettes due to their name and package attract a lot of smokers.

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If you'll try Orbita cigarettes you'll feel the mystery of this brand, these cigarettes offering a powerful and charming flavor that fulfill smokers with positive and good emotions. Orbita's smoke assures you with confidence, strength and independence. Orbita cigarettes possess high nicotine level and that is why these cigs are for real men who want to feel something stronger than simple light cigarettes. These cigarettes are sold in soft packs and the filter long is 80 cm.

The design of this cigarette pack is an interesting one; the color of pack is white with a planet on it. These cigarettes use one of well known and traditional tobacco blending technique, where some sorts of Oriental tobacco are ripened on Bulgarian, Italy, Greece and Turkey fields. The discount Orbita price should make you one of the happiest smokers in the world. These cigarettes are mystical for their extraordinary name, because of their strong flavor, good taste, and aromatic addictive.

If you'll smoke Orbita cigarettes you'll discover new unknown and you'll touch the untouchable. Orbita brand haven't limits, and the cigarettes become better day by day. All tobacco products that you need you can find on our online shop cigs4girls.net. Orbita brand will satisfy you from all points of view and will let you to discover unknown world inside of you. So don't hesitate and choose the best from the best!