Galaxy Cigarettes

Cheap Galaxy Astatium online

Galaxy Astatium

price per carton: $11.61 $9.29

Tar volume: 10.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 1.0 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Cheap Galaxy Argentium online

Galaxy Argentium

price per carton: $11.61 $9.29

Tar volume: 8.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 0.6 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

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Galaxy Aurum

price per carton: $11.61 $9.29

Tar volume: 9.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 0.8 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Tutun-CTC is an old Moldovian National Company. This company appeared by the decree of the state monopoly and it is a half of the first Industrial Companies from Romania.

little cigars

This company is equipped with good tobacco machines that are high performed, and make it easier to operate and maintain tobacco production. These performed machines have an major influence on long lasting and low consume service also on energy maintenance. The Packing machine is created from components that show a high precision and treatment resulting. These machines have a enormous efficiency with rejections.

One of the major manufacture that were made by Tutun-CTC are Galaxy cigarettes. Beside the fact that these cigarettes are a new brand they appeared in magazines and newspapers.

There are a lot of catalogs where celebrity stars are smoking Galaxy cigarettes; we can see them on television shows and in movies. There is also a lot of displays with Galaxy cigarettes where are mentioned smoking people. The aim is to register the tobacco, cigar and cigarettes products use. This cigarette brand is produced from an exclusive blend of tobacco sorts. Due to this amazing mixture this brand has a pleasant and mild taste, assuring smokers with a long and pleasant smoking process.

Choose your favorite Galaxy flavor and feel their amazing taste:

• Galaxy Astatium

• Galaxy Argentium

• Galaxy Aurum

Galaxy Cigarettes offer an unforgettable and majestic taste.