Fluieraş Cigarettes

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price per carton: $20.38 $16.30

Tar volume: 10.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 0.8 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Fluieras Cigarettes - Whistling Sounds

Smoke Fluieras Cigarettes with confidence because of their best tobacco sort! In a short period of time Fluieras smoking brand became one of the most famous brands in the European and American market.

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This famous brand, Fluieras is manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, the best Tobacco Company which produces only the most leading smoking brands. Every cigarette taste produced by TUTUN-CTC Company is special because of its special preparation.

Fluieras – in English signify “Whistle” - a small wind instrument for producing whistling sounds with the use of the breath.

“Whistle in the Dark” - try to keep your courage Up with Fluieras Cigs!

Actually, Fluieras Cigarettes are one of those tobacco brands that were spread all over the world and which won confidence among smokers, even women. The main argument of the fame of this brand is its medals. For example Fluieras smoking brand is winner of bronze medal on Russia tobacco exhibition where competed along with approximately 120 brands.

Even the Fluieras pack design is attractive because of its color – Red. As it is known Red is the color of blood, and that’s why it has a strong symbolism as life and vitality. It brings focus to the essence of life and living with expressiveness on survival.

So, put some red in your life and smoke Fluieras cigs when you want:

  • increased exaltation and benefits

  • more power and energy

  • action and confidence to go after your goals

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