Cosmos Cigarettes

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price per carton: $13.53 $10.82

Tar volume: 8.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 0.6 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Cosmos Cigarettes

Cosmos is the only smoking brand which offers to all smokers who try it harmony and order as distinct from chaos.

In its most general meaning, a Cosmos is an orderly or harmonious system. It comes from a Greek term κόσμος meaning “order, orderly arrangement, decorates,” and is directly contrasted concept of chaos. In our days this word is used as a synonym of the word Universe. The words cosmetics and cosmetology originate from the same root. In Russian and Bulgarian, the word Cosmos simply means “space”.

Cosmos Cigarettes

Build Your Own Space & Universe by Smoking Cosmos Cigarettes!

Cosmos cigarettes are manufactured by TUTUN-CTC, the most famous Tobacco Company from Eastern European.

Cosmos is the first smoking product with such a special and unique name. And not only its name is unique but also its taste and flavor is unique, smooth, and pleasant. Only the high quality tobacco inserted in each Cosmos cigarette makes this brand famous and desired by all smokers who like strong, rich taste of real tobacco.

Even Cosmos pack design is special and unique. The packaging features a falling star in a dark blue. Blue is the coolest color - the color of the sky, ocean, sleep, twilight. But dark blue is the color of truth and moderation. Believe in Cosmos cigarettes high quality and you will not regret!

These cigarettes are sold on our online store at discount price and are acceptable for even the most economical smoker. In today’s world economy, a high quality product with a low price is a rare find indeed.

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Cosmos Cigarettes are the only cigs especially for men who like freedom & Cosmos!