Avalon Cigarettes

avalon full flavor

Avalon Full Flavor

price per carton: $16.35 $13.08

Tar volume: 12.0 mg

Nicotine volume: 0.7 mg

1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Avalon Cigarettes Cost You Less

In 1933, Avalon smoking brand was manufactured by Brown & Williamson – it was considered as an economic smoke. A small quantity of Latakia was the main part of the Avalon tobacco blend. So, Latakia is a Turkish tobacco cultivated in Syria.

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Latakia also has a peculiar smell and aroma especially when the tobacco leaves are cured. Moreover a blend of premium tobaccos that sold for a discount price, Avalon cigs had and also continue to have a very interesting package imagine evolution -illustrating charming women.

It is important to add that in the past - Avalon was named the Internal Temple of the Celtic and British Enigma, a landscape of the human soul, and a region of the heart. It is also the land which the poet and mysterious things see in perception, where the artist and even the musician find more inspiration, where the human soul goes for curing and spiritual relaxation.

Avalon did not was in the size of time and space. It was situated within the Otherworld, a region that the Celts have every time educated people to exist now and always, anywhere and all over. As a prototype it exudes the main qualities of power, beauty and knowledge – extremely needed in our world.

But the “Avalon” is a Celtic word meaning “apple”. And the apple-tree is a Celtic Tree of Life, supporter of the Worlds overhead and below and the main source of all spiritual maintenance.

Remember that Avalon smoking brand denotes one of the high quality tobacco brands on the cigarettes markets even if it is cost less and is a new brand at our cigarettes online shop.

Do not hesitate to try the mysterious Avalon Cigarettes, because in every Avalon cigarette - lie the beauty and the power of the Fairy Kingdom, in Avalon - the consolidation of the mind becomes quiet to open the Mystery that lies at the heart of all things, in Avalon - we find ourselves at home again!