Tobacco companies may be faced with higher taxes

Published on September 12th, 2013 00:00

Tobacco firms in India could face higher taxes and a big number of measures as a replay to the World War Organization seeking a 30% reduction by 2025. Prime Minister Manmohan endorsed for an tobacco global strategy, which need to put tobacco control as the main reason of targeted policy to reduce mortality and such illness as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses.

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As a part of policy, WHO and United Nations also need a 30% of reduction in mortality in India by 2040. The larger purpose is to minimize global consumption of tobacco products beside the fact that cigarettes are not so addictive as other tobacco production, and to reduce it till 5% by 2040. India is the second largest producer and consumer of tobacco production in the world, and the big part of incomes comes from India beside the fact that it is a poor country.

"India is tightly committed to the vision of a tobacco-free society. Separately from causing disability and death in high numbers, use of tobacco create serious weight on the economy and the firewood needed to treat tobacco leaves. "Singh affirmed in a message, setting a tone for an international conference will take place for two days in New Delhi."

"We need a policy with strong public and political action. We must also be present on those engaging in tobacco farming for livelihoods alternate and developing strategies to stamp the tobacco out as a danger for our future."

The conference is organized by WHO, by Public Health Foundation and by Health Ministry of India. As a part of end-play strategy, the Health Ministry will consider measures as a hard excise obligation and licensing tobacco sale fort their restriction. There will be taken some measures like full stop of ads sale, all tobacco products pack will be the standard one, with the large warning on the pack.

In 2011, the Ministry of Health published a information requiring of descriptive warnings on cigarette packages, but experts affirmed that such warning have not made a much inflection on smokers, and if a person smoke and he will by the cigarettes beside the taxes or warnings or something else. Margaret Chan, general director of WHO, appealed for public health importance by placing tobacco end-play at the center of international and national health policies. There is believed that taxes will be the most important measure for to make people use less tobacco products, but it is not so, as it was mentioned previously the tax can influence only a person that smoke occasional that is not dependent of cigarettes, but another one will buy as much cigarettes as he/she need.