Imperial Tobacco’s Volume Decreased By 6 %

Published on November 4th, 2015 00:00

Imperial Tobacco’s entire tobacco volume in the course of the nine months to the end of June, at 207.4 billion stick equivalents, decreased by 3 % on that of the nine months to the end of June 2014, 213.3 billion, based on an interim management declaration issued these days. Fundamental volume decreased by 6 %. Growth brands volume increased by 15 %, from 91.7 billion to 105.4 billion. At the same time, tobacco net profit dropped by 4 %.

Specialist brands net income was stated to have been up by 3 %, backed by progress in modern versions of Golden Virginia in the UK, Skruf in Scandinavia and premium cigars in both the US and Europe. Specialist brands accounted for 12 % of reported tobacco net income, higher by 30 basis points.

While presenting the final results, chief executive Alison Cooper stated Imperial had experienced a positive 3Q that had built on the advance made in the first half. “Our ongoing target on enhancing the regularity and quality of our overall performance has provided great results from our growth brands which keep on to boost net income, volume and market share,” she stated. “We’ve strengthened our performance in Returns Markets and maintained positive momentum in Growth Markets. “We finished the US purchase towards the end of the quarter and I am happy with the effective start we have made in employing our industrial and integration strategies for ITG Brands.”

At the same time, Imperial revealed that its stand-alone branch Fontem Ventures was carrying on with positive development, with blu electronic cigarettes expanding encouragingly in the UK and a boosted strategic technique planning to be rolled out in the US. The advancement and licensing of a variety of patented technologies was carried on at Fontem