History about the cigarettes

Published on February 25th, 2013 00:00

Each smoker or non-smoker would like to know about cigarette history, where did it appear? How? Who was the inventor? Who was the first smoker? How was cigarette upgraded? All these questions you will find in this article.

little cigars

It is said that cigarettes came from America. It is believed because of tobacco production in America. In America people first started to use tobacco leaves for chewing and smoking. The first users of this product considered to be from Central America-used by Maya civilization. People from South America crushed tobacco leaves, wrapped them in maize parings to smoke. They used to smoke during religious ceremonies that considered being a symbol to the fact that those deities and pastors were drawn smoking on the local ceramic of the zone.

The art of smoking little-by-little extended across the tribes and nations from North and South America. During 1830, cigarettes arrived in France, where "Cigarette" name was born from Spanish "sigarito". In 1850 Turkish leaves began to be used, which became well known and used in Russia.

During the war when smoking became more and more popular, a tobacconist Philip Morris from London started producing cigarettes in 1854 but the first smoking person was seen in 1868 inspired by a peon. Besides Philip Morris the leader of the tobacco manufacture in that time was F.S. Kenney Co. of New York. The big demand of cigarettes led to invention of the cigarette machine in 1879 year. At those times cigarettes were made by light tobacco blended with Turkish tobacco, used for its aroma and flavor. After some years, from 1900 till 1910, Turkish tobacco dominated the market because of its high quality and popularity.

It is unthinkable but during that time the market contained around 200 different brands of cigarettes that were very popular in its region. One of the brand that became very popular and became the first well known and large used was Camel containing high dose of Burley. Along with Camel became also popular Chesterfield and Lucky Strike. By 1930 till 1940 became popular Philip Morris, Raleigh and Old Gold.

In 1950 different studies that analyzed cigarettes, said that consumption of tobacco was useless not only for people but for nature too. This affirmation made companies started producing lighter cigarettes, that had an aim to contain filters, lower tar and nicotine. The first filtered cigarette was produced by R. J. Reynolds under Winston brand name and in a year was introduced the first filtered menthol cigarette, named Salem. In 1968 many companies manufactured cigarettes without tobacco but only with lettuce leaves named Brave Cigarette, but it didn't have any success.

In 1980 the big tobacco companies marketed their products extensively in other countries. On the one hand this period Marlboro Cigarette brand was ranked on the top of the cigarette sales, but on the other 1980 was being considered politically as well as socially "wrong" period. There were a lot of cigarette ads on TV programs, radio that influenced and shocked the entire world. In the 21 century the society became more mature, independent and acceptable, that's why through smoking ban there was smoke-free too. Nowadays there are a lot of information about tobacco and its effects but there are also a lot of ads, news and tobaccos shops that you can notice anywhere.